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I did not know much about eye creams until I decided to use them. Then I had no choice and had to look for the information I needed to make sure you choose an effective product. In my search I learned a few things that primordial need to know when we want to use an eye cream.

Why do we need retinol eye creams?
The skin around the eyes is very delicate and thin and does not produce any oil. So the first area in which the effects of aging. Although not yet occurred wrinkles, it's good to protect our appearance before them.

What is an eye cream?
The retinol eye cream is tested by ophthalmologists to ensure that it is safe to use around the eyes, it has the same pH as tears. Also not contain perfumes and should be more emollient cream as normal.

If you need help in the process of choosing a retinol eye cream check out for a side-by-side comparison of the top products in this category.

Types of eye creams:
1 Day cream - helps skin to look good during the day, helping to "deflate" the eyes and reducing those black circles around them. Usually these creams are rather gels.

- Creams that help "deflation" eyes contain anti-inflammatory agents as: arnica, caffeine, chamomile and cucumber. Eyes swell because while you sleep much water tightens around them, these agents dehydrate skin, reducing the amount of water.

- Dark circles are caused by broken capillaries or lack of sleep. Unfortunately too few creams cure dark circles, the best treatment is creams with retinol, where due are broken capillaries.

2 Night cream - repair the skin and controls the water level while sleeping, contain alpha hydroxide acid or retinol. You do not have to use them on that these ingredients make the skin sensitive to the sun.

3 Universal cream - provides humidity to the skin, without the need to use them in a certain time of day. They are emollient and do not contain any of the substances that can harm during the day or night.

How to use eye cream?
No need to rub the cream on the skin, easy to apply with fingers and "tapam". During the day it's better not to apply the cream on the eyelids, especially if you use makeup, because it can interfere with its effect.

How to choose a retinol eye cream?
First you need to ask yourself a few questions: Would an anti-inflammatory cream or a cream for dark circles work best for me? Or a cream to fight wrinkles and prevent afferent damage? The next step is to decide what brand you want to use, especially if you reconcile well with any particular brand products.

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